Penetration Testing

Our revolutionary A.I. based Penetration Testing platform enables everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to run full cyber security tests within hours and review the results instantly.

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SELF Learning

Our AI Platform is constantly evolving. Not only does it use new exploits as they become available, it also uses it swarm logic to determine which attacks work best to test your networks as well as your defenses.

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Globally Distributed

Our AI platform is globally distributed and can run both regional as well as global tests. We can test your network across all of your public and private cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

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Since 1993

Our Technology Group

Offsite Cyber Systems is our latest venture that offers the world's first A.I. based penetration testing platform that's tests your security at the network edge, cloud setups as well as social engineering.

Operating since 2001, Our affiliated company OFFSITE offers private cloud services, IaaS, custom, dedicated and shared colocation services, disaster recovery services, network operations center (NOC) services, and hosted and managed solutions.  OFFSITE’s spacious facilities and customized services enable mid-market businesses to solve their IT challenges and discover new data opportunities.   OFFSITE is a privately held company headquartered at its own 50,000 square foot facilities in Southeastern WI with redundant data center operations in Chicago, Illinois and Denver, Colorado.

For over 25 years our other affiliated company ExcalTEch a managed services provider has catered to thousands of clients across business verticals, providing remote monitoring and on-site support.


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