The A.I. Revolution

By definition, a penetration test, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system. However, the majority of penetration tests being sold in todays market place, are simply the results of popular vulnerability scanners and testing tools. Real bad guys are not targeting your network this way, instead they use unconventional strategies, such as botnets and malware delivery networks, to gain unauthorized access.

Tanuki, the world's first A.I. PenTest platform, uses artificial intelligence to replicate the strategies used by advanced threat actors. It provides our clients with a comprehensive analysis of what their security posture and risk profile is from the perspective of blackhat hackers, rather than the diluted results of inexperienced pentesters using vulnerability scanners.

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No Agents or Servers to install

Autonomous Pentest

Tanuki is a fully autonomous service that never sleeps or eats with the sole objective of gaining unauthorized access to systems within your target scope. It is the only service in the world that can provide real time analysis and vulnerability reporting of what your security posture is really like from the perspective of an advanced persistent threat.


Swarm Logic

A.I. does it better

Tanuki performs autonomously and scales to meet the demand and expectations of a quality penetration tests. Our AI driven platform as a service acts exactly like an Advanced Persistent Threat and is completely scalable to 100’s or thousands of pentests simultaneously.

This results in reduced need for expensive in-house staff or contractors, allowing our customers to draw from a global knowledge bank of pentesters for a low monthly fee at their own convienence.

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Hacking Self-Service and Reporting

Customize your Attack

Our platform allows our clients to customize and launch an engagement of any shape and any size at any time against their organization. It provides the same quality of testing and reporting of vulnerabilities and findings as a human, but with the speed and detail of a machine.

A detailed report of vulnerabilities and remediation recommendations are provided at the end of each test.

Constantly Evolving

Multiple Attack Vectors

Our A.I. engine is continuously getting smarter with every new attack and is constantly ingesting data from the dark web. Just because you think you may be safe today does not mean you don't have a new vulnerability tomorrow. Tanuki specializes in:

  • Network testing
  • Spear phishing and social engineering
  • Botnet & APT simulation
  • Data driven attacks
  • Vulnerability Exploitation